WHO’S READY FOR SOME FOOBAW-SPX???? I’ll be there this weekend- no table, just hanging out! If you spot me feel free to say hello!!! Let’s chat!!

My way of getting excited about SPX is thinking about what cute clothes I’m going to wear. So if you’re going maybe you’ll see me rockin one of these outfits ☆~(ゝ。∂)

September 7th 172


The last page of Jones’ guest comic! Thanks again, buddy! Be sure and check out their comic Helvetica!

hey! it’s the last page of the guest comic i did for BATTLE DOG! :D

August 26th 435 via

i inked an old drawing of autumn to see if i could still ink good and then promptly lost control and just coloured all over it!!!! i love colour too much!!!

August 22nd 2949


Guest comic by Jones! Check out their tumblr!

Peep page two of my guest comic for Battle Dog!

August 21st 657 via

I love you guys, haha. (Sincerely!) It pains me to have to keep answering “soon!!! Soon I swear! I swear it’s not dead guys!!!”

But things have actually been REALLY GOOD on my end lately. It’s been a year since my hard drive was lost, and through commissions and hard work and the kindness of others, I’ve really managed to bounce back. I’m in the middle of something big right now, and I still have commissions to focus on, but Helvetica will be making a comeback. I’m just sorry that you guys have had to wait so long!

Thanks everyone who’s stuck with me, been patient, and been kind. I’m doing it for all of you.

August 19th 53


Today’s guest comic is drawn by talented artist and rad person Jones, creator of the comic Helvetica! Give it a read!

Check out the guest comic I did for Battle Dog! (If you’re not reading Battle Dog already YOU SHOULD BE!)

August 19th 852 via

i’ve gotten REALLY into transformers recently so the other day i took a free day from work and drew me, icelvl and midnitesurprise as transformers cuz they asked me to.

August 11th 330

i’ve been a busy busy bee this summer, in between doing lettering (and comics!) for Paradox Space, freelance work, and commissions, so i’m sorry i come in and out of focus so much! y’all are always on my mind tho… ♥

July 22nd 379 via

BONESONA commission for shelbycragg!!!!!

if you’re interested in getting one for yourself of you/friends/characters, check out my commissions post!

July 11th 1535


Nak Worth - written by poinko and drawn by jnwiedle!

I drew this Paradox Space comic!!! Please look!

July 4th 211 via
Q: So Helvetica is dead now, right? -Anonymous

no wayyyyy

July 3rd 32

grim fandango sketch/simple colour commission!!!

my commission post’s here!

July 3rd 656

taking breaks to draw self-indulgent things between working on slightly-less-but-still-self-indulgent-things

June 25th 184 via

i did a few of those limited-palette things as some warm-ups before work. they’re fun, so maybe i’ll keep doing them!

June 20th 1781

helvetica/bonesona commissions!!

want a bonesona of yourself/your characters? check out my commissions post here!!

June 9th 1309