Helvetica FAQ

Helvetica FAQ

[Q] Have you heard this hilarious joke/pun about skeletons?

[Q] Are skeleton names their last words before they died?

No. Their names are a word from any moment in their life and may or may not be a significant detail regarding said person’s life.

[Q] How do Greeters know when somebody dies?

This will be explained in the comic.

[Q] Can skeletons feel pain/lose bones/break bones/reattach bones?

Yes the can feel pain, lose bones, break bones, and reattach bones. They use slings and plates and casts just like we do. If they lose a bone completely, they can get a prosthetic replacement.

[Q] Can skeletons get sick or get diseases?

Yes. Sicknesses are more of a contagious inconvenience, like colds and fevers. A variety of bone diseases can develop over time and break down the skeleton. These are obviously a lot more harmful and dangerous than just having a cold.

[Q] Can skeletons die or be killed?

Yes, skeletons break down over time (general deathspan of a skeleton is around 800-900 years, sometimes longer but not much) due to entropy and fall apart, at which the skeleton is dead for good. There are a couple ways to kill skeletons, most notably destroying the skull.

[Q] Do people appear at the age they died at, or at some age that was important in their life?

They appear at the age they died at, however this is irrelevant because everyone begins their death with a healthy, good-as-new skeleton. It is nearly impossible to tell how old someone was when they died.

[Q] Do people who had missing limbs/broken bones/bone diseases/other physical disablities in life still have them in death?

As mentioned above, no, everyone begins death with a healthy, good-as-new skeleton. However, people who had mental disabilities in life retain them after death.

[Q] Are there animals in the after-life, what do they look like?

Yes, dummy! There are quite a few in the first chapter! Animals with normal skeletons appear as you would expect. (I draw them w/ a shadow that hints their body shape. It’s just a stylization.) Animals with exoskeletons appear generally as they do in the living world, though they are hollow on the inside. They’re pretty creepy. Invertebrates appear as spectral entities, kind of like glowy ghost things. (So jelly-fish and stuff are cool as hell basically)


Nooope. Skeletons can’t diddle. They don’t have sexual organs, and are asexual. That said, they do have regular romantic and sensual inclinations, ur typical heteros, homos, bis, pans, aros, etc.

[Q] Do skeletons have religion?


[Q] Do skeletons get any tattoos or body modifications?

Yes. Lots of people get tattoos. Bone-dying is a thing, but it’s mostly something gangsters do. Other people do it too, but it’s not really kosher and they get looked at weird for doing it. Other things people do: LED-eye implants, bone implants that look like horns or spikes, various things like that. It hurts like a bitch to get your bones modded though, but that doesn’t stop some people.

[Q] Do any skeletons walk around without clothes?

It’s considered a folkway that people should walk around in clothes. It’s not illegal or anything to be bare-bones naked, but people will look at you weird and consider you rude if you do.

[Q] Do skeletons retain any of their personality or skills from when they were alive, even if they aren’t aware of it?



Ehh, whatever

[Q] Do skeletons develop their own families?

Nothing like a nuclear family. They don’t really adopt kids or whatever. You’ve got people who take people close to them and consider them brothers or sisters or whatever, and you’ve got your groups of close friends who will all live together and consider themselves a ‘family’. It’s kind of like that.

[Q] How do skeletons do [stupid mundane activity] if they’re dead?????

It is a cartoon. Suspend your disbelief.

[Q] Let me just poke holes in your cartoon world with these irrelevant questions regarding irrelevant scientific things……..

Stop. You are not funny or clever. It is a cartoon. Some things just don’t matter. Use your own judgment to determine what these things might be.