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April 25th 1334 via

doodles of that girl and that guy i like to draw a lot

April 25th 214

Chelsea Saunders, AKA PIXELATEDCROWN commissioned me to do this character-illo of her character, Roe, from her game that is currently in development! Chelsea is an incredibly skilled indie game dev, so please check out her work!!!

If you’re interested in a commission, please check out my commission info here!

April 22nd 206

Commission of Manny Calavera! Check out my commission post here!

edit: the transparency was wigging out, so i fixed it. sorta. :s

March 22nd 263

Commission for Toby Fox! The RUGGEDLY HANDSOME Papyrus, from his upcoming game Undertale, in the style of Helvetica! (what is it with skeletons and typography…)

Check out my commission post here!

March 22nd 438

Hey guys! For the first time in a long, long time I am opening up commissions for an indefinite time! My financial situation is looking pretty dire, and I really need be bringing more money in to pay for my rent and student loans. These prices are way more than half my going freelance rate!


  • Paypal only, please!
  • 25 commission slots at this time.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission.
  • All illustrations will be completed digitally and will be delivered as 300 DPI PNGs.
  • Please contact me at Tumblr asks will be ignored!

Please consider commissioning me, or reblogging to your friends and followers to spread the word!

Thanks so much! ♥

February 16th 920

And some original stuff too. How about that!

February 12th 308

It’s That time again. That time Jones posts a bunch of doodles gathered over the course of a few months. Take them. Please.

February 12th 436

Hey guys, I’m finally making these Helvetica charms available online for purchase!

  • Necklaces - $10
  • Earrings - $10
  • Phone Charms (also great for Nintendo DSes!) - $5

These are extremely limited so if you’re interested, act fast! I’ll also throw in a free doodle of your fav. Helvetica character with every purchase!

If you’re interested, send an e-mail to me at!

Please spread the word / signal boost! :)

February 3rd 163

The enigmatic Skull Witch…On the lookout for CUTIES! My witchsona for witchsona week! MWAH!

January 29th 732


Namco High transfer student Jane Crocker joins the class! Featuring art by JN Wiedle


December 2nd 2357 via

Check out this preview for my short, ‘Costume Party!’ that was in the Halloween special of Adventure Time! You can read more about the issue here!

November 25th 307
Q: hey man what's happening with helvetica? it hasn't been updated in so long and i can't wait to see more!!! it's so great, but have you just lost interest? -Anonymous

i haven’t lost interest at all! i can’t wait to get back to it, actually, but i’ve been working a lot, so please forgive me! it’ll be updating again soon though :)

November 5th 20

I LOVE PEARL!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥ everybody watch steven universe yeah yeah yeah!

November 5th 948