couple quick doodles done between work

June 3rd 551

Commission for May, of her and Sarah’s OCs, Yvanna and Koji!! I had a lot of fun with this one!

If you’re interested in a commission, please check out my commission info here!

May 13th 480
Q: Hi I just wanted to take the time and say I love your comic Helvetica it is very unique just like the characters, the art style is great, and the storyline is interesting as well. My favorite characters is Autumn, Lucy, Helvetica, and Steak. Also I got a little tearful because Steak reminded me of my grandpa when driving because my grandpa would insult people when they messed up driving and it brought back some memories so again just wanted to say how good your webcomic is. :) -Anonymous

awww that’s really sweet, thank you!!! :’) i’m really grateful!

May 5th 20

i drew myself as a crystal gem last night before bed…. idek what gemstone i would be all i know is I AM PINK AND HAVE BRASS KNUCKLES

May 2nd 391

an old character of mine. she’s been recycled many-a-time, but no matter what she’s always a pissed off housewife

May 1st 482 via

i really wanted to animate a run cycle for some reason… so i did this in a few hours because im out of my mind… i haven’t animated since college, god bless

April 25th 422 via

autumn, always dressed for spring

April 25th 1357 via

doodles of that girl and that guy i like to draw a lot

April 25th 218

Chelsea Saunders, AKA PIXELATEDCROWN commissioned me to do this character-illo of her character, Roe, from her game that is currently in development! Chelsea is an incredibly skilled indie game dev, so please check out her work!!!

If you’re interested in a commission, please check out my commission info here!

April 22nd 220

Commission of Manny Calavera! Check out my commission post here!

edit: the transparency was wigging out, so i fixed it. sorta. :s

March 22nd 272

Commission for Toby Fox! The RUGGEDLY HANDSOME Papyrus, from his upcoming game Undertale, in the style of Helvetica! (what is it with skeletons and typography…)

Check out my commission post here!

March 22nd 445

Hey guys! For the first time in a long, long time I am opening up commissions for an indefinite time! My financial situation is looking pretty dire, and I really need be bringing more money in to pay for my rent and student loans. These prices are way more than half my going freelance rate!


  • Paypal only, please!
  • 25 commission slots at this time.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission.
  • All illustrations will be completed digitally and will be delivered as 300 DPI PNGs.
  • Please contact me at Tumblr asks will be ignored!

Please consider commissioning me, or reblogging to your friends and followers to spread the word!

Thanks so much! ♥

February 16th 918

And some original stuff too. How about that!

February 12th 311

It’s That time again. That time Jones posts a bunch of doodles gathered over the course of a few months. Take them. Please.

February 12th 452