Hey guys, I’m finally making these Helvetica charms available online for purchase!

  • Necklaces - $10
  • Earrings - $10
  • Phone Charms (also great for Nintendo DSes!) - $5

These are extremely limited so if you’re interested, act fast! I’ll also throw in a free doodle of your fav. Helvetica character with every purchase!

If you’re interested, send an e-mail to me at j.n.wiedle@gmail.com!

Please spread the word / signal boost! :)

February 3rd 160

The enigmatic Skull Witch…On the lookout for CUTIES! My witchsona for witchsona week! MWAH!

January 29th 732


Namco High transfer student Jane Crocker joins the class! Featuring art by JN Wiedle


December 2nd 2357 via

Check out this preview for my short, ‘Costume Party!’ that was in the Halloween special of Adventure Time! You can read more about the issue here!

November 25th 305
Q: hey man what's happening with helvetica? it hasn't been updated in so long and i can't wait to see more!!! it's so great, but have you just lost interest? -Anonymous

i haven’t lost interest at all! i can’t wait to get back to it, actually, but i’ve been working a lot, so please forgive me! it’ll be updating again soon though :)

November 5th 21

I LOVE PEARL!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥ everybody watch steven universe yeah yeah yeah!

November 5th 954

I was asked to do a piece for the 2014 Homestuck Calendar! This is for November, based off of Norman Rockwell’s Freedom from Want illustration!

What Pumpkin will be featuring the calendar in its shop very soon, so keep your eyes open!

October 31st 1545

i’ve been HECKS OF WORLDS of busy these past few months, but i still find time to doodle now and again. usually i just end up drawing bridgitte and saul because ummM who doesnt love evil power couples :)

this one in particular was a lil b-day gift for my lovely friend ^o^

October 22nd 65

Whoa!!!!! The Adventure Time SpOooktacular is out and it looks amazing! With covers by Becky, Ming, and me… but on the inside…. I’VE GOT A COMIC!!!

This is my first published comic ever…!! I’m really excited! Please check it out, and the rest of the comic! There’s even a SNEAK PEEK at STEVEN UNIVERSE in this issue which is THE COOLEST!!! This issue is so hype! I hope you fellas enjoy!!!

October 22nd 401

Namco High site launch




Head on over to namcohigh.com to check on info and updates for the forthcoming game! 


THANKSGIVING DAY. Countdown begins! If I ever get an ulcer or stress related illness the next 6 weeks may be one of the significant causes!

Hey! I drew Meowkie for this! It’s looking super fun and I’m really excited for the release!!

I drew Lolo for this game!!! It’s going to be mad tight you guys! Everyone working on this game is AMAZING and this game is totally going to reflect that!

October 14th 509 via source

a few choice doodles from over the course of a couple months. as you can see i just like to draw clothes *q*

September 29th 482

It was announced on Destructoid that I’m doing the art for Lolo from the Klonoa series in Namco High! Alongside Ashley Davis who is doing the art for Valkyrie, and Richard Stevens who is doing Galaga! WHO ELSE COULD BE IN THE GAME…AND WHO KNOWS WHO IS DOING THE ART FOR THEM….!!!!!

You can read the dtoid article here!

September 22nd 211

HI EVERYONE!!!!!!!! I’m going to be at SPX this weekend, and I’m going to have some stuff to sell!

  • Three, hand pulled (by meeee!) screen prints for sale that have never been sold!! They are extremely limited!!!
  • HELVETICA CHARMS! Necklaces, phone charms, and earrings!
  • My variant of REGULAR SHOW #3!

Depending on my availability at the table I might also be doing small commissions for people too. We’ll see how it goes!

Hope to see you there! ^o^

September 11th 100

Wow hey I can show this off now! This is my cover for REGULAR SHOW #3! I’ll be selling copies of this, along with some other goodies at SPX come next weekend! WhoOOOAAAAA! (More info later on those other goodies.)

September 4th 541