Heyooooo, if this is working right, then you’re getting this as I am doing [something or other] in Toronto! I’m at TCAF! If you’re also at TCAF, you can find me at the BENIGN KINGDOM booth, helping out the lovely folks there.

If you’re not at TCAF, enjoy this wonderful guest comic by Jessie Wong, instead! Jessie is pretty much the love of my life (or one of ‘em, anyway), and I shed Real Tears at this guest comic because I love her and her art so much. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Next Friday marks the start of Chapter 2.

May 10th 136

I hope everyone’s having a good Monday! Here’s an adorable guest comic from the wonderful, fantastic Ashley Davis, who does the adorable webcomic Jailbird! Ashley and I are wed to be married (even though she already has a husband, but who cares about THAT guy) and the wedding will be held at TCAF. I don’t think I told Ashley about our wedding plans, come to think of it… I should get on that.

In the meantime, you should follow her on tumblr and twitter. <3

For those who missed my announcement on Friday, here it is again! I will be at TCAF this weekend! I don’t have any merchandise to sell, but I will be hanging out at the Benign Kingdom booth, assisting them! If you’re going to be there, please stop by and say hi! I’ll draw something nice for you if you do :D

May 6th 61

a bunch of doodles!!

May 4th 195

Happy Friday! Happy Guest Comic!

This one’s by the lovely Jessi Zabarsky <3 Who really went all out and thought up awesome ice cream recipes for each of the characters! I really recommend taking a look at Jessi’s tumblr here for more fantastic, cute, drawings and comics… and follow her on twitter too!

ALSO: I will be at TCAF next weekend! I don’t have any merchandise to sell, but I will be hanging out at the Benign Kingdom booth, assisting them! If you’re going to be there, please stop by and say hi! I’ll draw something nice for you if you do :D

May 3rd 80

A little while back, Esa, Star and I played a game of Mansions of Madness with George as the Keeper/DM-guy. With the characters we picked, we subsequently dubbed them after Problem Sleuth, Hysterical Dame, and Nervous Broad…and then proceeded to actually roleplay them throughout the rest of the game.

LO’ AND BEHOLD, Problem Sleuth stumbled upon a CROWBAR, then proceeded to delude himself into believing he was Crowbar, and brutally murdered Hysterical Dame in order to win the game. I’m so sorry, HD.

Andrew heard about this from George, so we all drew him a picture to commemorate this weird roleplay-y arkham horror board game event. (I drew Sleuth :>)

April 30th 167

Hello! Happy Monday!

Today’s guest strip is by the very cool and very kind Mike Horowitz.  :) Please take a gander at his tumblr here… and you can follow him on twitter here! He’s got some fantastic art, and you ought to check it out.

TCAF is soon approaching… and I will be there! More information comin’ at’cha this Friday. Cheers!

April 29th 44

i like to draw clothes a lot!!!!!! i just want to draw people wearing nice things always!!!

April 28th 53

Happy Friday! Today’s guest comic is brought to you by my buddy Jayson! I think he captures Lucy’s personality pretty much perfectly.

You can follow Jayson on tumblr and twitter here n here! Jayson also recently started up his own webcomic called THE DIXIELAND V and I love it so much. Check it out!

April 26th 43

It’s Monday!!! Which means it’s time for a new guest comic! This one’s by Laura Frick, who you can follow on tumblr here!

April 22nd 168


It has been a while. A long while. But I’m ready to jump back into the game, and I’m starting the comeback off with some fabulous guest strips by some very good friends of mine! Check back every Monday and Friday for a new guest strip until the debut of Chapter 2 of HELVETICA!

Today’s strip is from Ellen Kramer, you can follow her here on tumblr!


April 19th 1037

anyone who knows me, knows that i love the felt (CROWBAR), and that this latest homestuck update was like an early birthday present (THEY’RE FROGS!!!). :> :> so here’s some shameless fanart.

April 1st 122

ehhh, why not. Here’s some more art. *puts on sunglasses, walks away into the sunset oh wait its midday*

March 29th 195

i like to just stealth-bomb some art in the middle of the night and then run away

March 29th 150

wanted to draw something fashionable ;o

man tumblr photoset layouts are so bad lookin

March 29th 133

Does anyone know about getting shirts with printed patterns?

So I guess I won’t make it a secret; those patterns Jessie did are amazing and I’d love to get them made into shirts. Problem is, it’s probably insanely difficult?

But if anyone knows how to achieve this so I can sell shirts like this with those patterns, pls let me know, man.

February 11th 7