Q: Is there any chance that you would update Helvetica a little more often? I know you probably have a hella lot of other things to do, but it's just really hard to wait a whole week for only one page. -Anonymous

Not under current circumstances, I’m sorry!! I would love nothing more than to update 2 or 3 times a week, but I’m a graduating senior, and I’m graduating this semester¬†and my life is in absolute shambles currently because of it! So I’m doing all that I can! FIGHTING!

February 19th 18
  1. maebus said: You’re a great dudemanfaceguybro. Love your stuff.
  2. ooj said: you’re supErrbrbrbr little skully boo
  3. somemonster said: Jones, you are a constant inspiration, with your work and your uplifting attitude. Lots of luck graduating, I know I personally could wait forever for comic pages if it meant you were safe and sane!! Take care!
  4. hexekind said: ahhhhh wow jones you are graduating!!!! this surprises and excites me GOOD LUCK WITH THAT also i love helvetica so fucking much
  5. psifreezeomega said: Kick senior year’s ASS
  6. joobr said: dont worry about it at all!!!!! i mean youre putting it online for free lol and obviously you’re super busy!!!! youre doing a really great job
  7. astroize-archive said: tbh I would rather have quality over quantity, and that’s what your webcomic is…quality! Keep on doin’ what you do, Jones ;u;
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