Commission for May, of her and Sarah’s OCs, Yvanna and Koji!! I had a lot of fun with this one!

If you’re interested in a commission, please check out my commission info here!

May 13th 480

Chelsea Saunders, AKA PIXELATEDCROWN commissioned me to do this character-illo of her character, Roe, from her game that is currently in development! Chelsea is an incredibly skilled indie game dev, so please check out her work!!!

If you’re interested in a commission, please check out my commission info here!

April 22nd 220

Commission of Manny Calavera! Check out my commission post here!

edit: the transparency was wigging out, so i fixed it. sorta. :s

March 22nd 279

Commission for Toby Fox! The RUGGEDLY HANDSOME Papyrus, from his upcoming game Undertale, in the style of Helvetica! (what is it with skeletons and typography…)

Check out my commission post here!

March 22nd 448

The enigmatic Skull Witch…On the lookout for CUTIES! My witchsona for witchsona week! MWAH!

January 29th 733


Namco High transfer student Jane Crocker joins the class! Featuring art by JN Wiedle


December 2nd 2356 via

Check out this preview for my short, ‘Costume Party!’ that was in the Halloween special of Adventure Time! You can read more about the issue here!

November 25th 305

I was asked to do a piece for the 2014 Homestuck Calendar! This is for November, based off of Norman Rockwell’s Freedom from Want illustration!

What Pumpkin will be featuring the calendar in its shop very soon, so keep your eyes open!

October 31st 1548

It was announced on Destructoid that I’m doing the art for Lolo from the Klonoa series in Namco High! Alongside Ashley Davis who is doing the art for Valkyrie, and Richard Stevens who is doing Galaga! WHO ELSE COULD BE IN THE GAME…AND WHO KNOWS WHO IS DOING THE ART FOR THEM….!!!!!

You can read the dtoid article here!

September 22nd 211

Wow hey I can show this off now! This is my cover for REGULAR SHOW #3! I’ll be selling copies of this, along with some other goodies at SPX come next weekend! WhoOOOAAAAA! (More info later on those other goodies.)

September 4th 541

i like to just stealth-bomb some art in the middle of the night and then run away

March 29th 150

wanted to draw something fashionable ;o

man tumblr photoset layouts are so bad lookin

March 29th 133

i made an adventure time princess. tree princess!!

October 23rd 564

Me and my friends started a DnD game and I’m playing a shardmind monk. I don’t really know what colour palette to give them… What do you think? (I’m partial to 2, 5, and 6.)

September 29th 106

Thanks for putting up with Helvetica bein a day late on account of me being sick. Here’s a sneak peak of Autumn from tomorrow’s page :) I slept the day away today so hopefully I’m back up to speed now.

Also look at this cute lil animation my friend Jessi did while I was throwing a tantrum at being sick…

July 20th 129