The last page of Jones’ guest comic! Thanks again, buddy! Be sure and check out their comic Helvetica!

hey! it’s the last page of the guest comic i did for BATTLE DOG! :D

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Guest comic by Jones! Check out their tumblr!

Peep page two of my guest comic for Battle Dog!

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Today’s guest comic is drawn by talented artist and rad person Jones, creator of the comic Helvetica! Give it a read!

Check out the guest comic I did for Battle Dog! (If you’re not reading Battle Dog already YOU SHOULD BE!)

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Nak Worth - written by poinko and drawn by jnwiedle!

I drew this Paradox Space comic!!! Please look!

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Check out this preview for my short, ‘Costume Party!’ that was in the Halloween special of Adventure Time! You can read more about the issue here!

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Whoa!!!!! The Adventure Time SpOooktacular is out and it looks amazing! With covers by Becky, Ming, and me… but on the inside…. I’VE GOT A COMIC!!!

This is my first published comic ever…!! I’m really excited! Please check it out, and the rest of the comic! There’s even a SNEAK PEEK at STEVEN UNIVERSE in this issue which is THE COOLEST!!! This issue is so hype! I hope you fellas enjoy!!!

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Wow hey I can show this off now! This is my cover for REGULAR SHOW #3! I’ll be selling copies of this, along with some other goodies at SPX come next weekend! WhoOOOAAAAA! (More info later on those other goodies.)

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the Adventure Time 2013 Spoooktacular was announced a couple weeks ago apparently! this is the cover I did for it!!!!

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a psychopath and his lawyer ( ´ー` ;;) …being ‘domestic’.

be prepared to see a lot of these characters… i draw them a lot in my free time…
(the dude belongs to my lovely friend coz)

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So ends this short mini-chapter! I dubbed it 1.5, since it was originally part of Chapter 2.

Helvetica will be going on a mini hiatus while I get some stuff sorted out! I’m moving out of my house and I need to get that taken care of, as well as some other business. When Helvetica comes back, it will have an all-new page format! I’m switching from horizontal (the layout right now) to a more traditional, vertical page format! It will make things easier and better in the long run for me.

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OK no just kidding Detective Lucy is actually a complete weenie.

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Join the Detective Lucy Fanclub, today!

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Yeah son!

Otakon was such fun times. Thanks to everyone who hung out with me and came to see me. Shout out to Taylor, who just started a fantastic comic called Monsterkind. I got to meet her and draw with her a little bit and she’s great and Monsterkind is great and you should read it!

In Helvetica news, I have plans to end this chapter early and call it “Chapter 1.5”. Why? I’m going to be switching up the comic layout to the traditional vertical page format! This will make it easier for me in the long run, and will possibly lead to more than 1 comic a week.

Also check out my friend Andres' new comic Sombrawood! He just started it THIS WEEK and it’s updating every day so far. CHECK IT!!

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Yo it’s up!!! Thanks for being understanding while I was a sick baby.

I have some plans that may or may not be relevant to you guys that I’ll extrapolate upon in the near future, concerning 1) Helvetica, and 2) Otakon. Stay tuned!

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I have nothing clever to say about chocolate milkshakes.

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