WHO’S READY FOR SOME FOOBAW-SPX???? I’ll be there this weekend- no table, just hanging out! If you spot me feel free to say hello!!! Let’s chat!!

My way of getting excited about SPX is thinking about what cute clothes I’m going to wear. So if you’re going maybe you’ll see me rockin one of these outfits ☆~(ゝ。∂)

September 7th 170

i’ve gotten REALLY into transformers recently so the other day i took a free day from work and drew me, icelvl and midnitesurprise as transformers cuz they asked me to.

August 11th 327

taking breaks to draw self-indulgent things between working on slightly-less-but-still-self-indulgent-things

June 25th 183 via

i did a few of those limited-palette things as some warm-ups before work. they’re fun, so maybe i’ll keep doing them!

June 20th 1771

couple quick doodles done between work

June 3rd 549

i drew myself as a crystal gem last night before bed…. idek what gemstone i would be all i know is I AM PINK AND HAVE BRASS KNUCKLES

May 2nd 382

an old character of mine. she’s been recycled many-a-time, but no matter what she’s always a pissed off housewife

May 1st 479 via

i really wanted to animate a run cycle for some reason… so i did this in a few hours because im out of my mind… i haven’t animated since college, god bless

April 25th 419 via

autumn, always dressed for spring

April 25th 1340 via

doodles of that girl and that guy i like to draw a lot

April 25th 216

And some original stuff too. How about that!

February 12th 309

It’s That time again. That time Jones posts a bunch of doodles gathered over the course of a few months. Take them. Please.

February 12th 450

I LOVE PEARL!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥ everybody watch steven universe yeah yeah yeah!

November 5th 952

i’ve been HECKS OF WORLDS of busy these past few months, but i still find time to doodle now and again. usually i just end up drawing bridgitte and saul because ummM who doesnt love evil power couples :)

this one in particular was a lil b-day gift for my lovely friend ^o^

October 22nd 65