i’ve gotten REALLY into transformers recently so the other day i took a free day from work and drew me, icelvl and midnitesurprise as transformers cuz they asked me to.

August 11th 306

taking breaks to draw self-indulgent things between working on slightly-less-but-still-self-indulgent-things

June 25th 181 via

i did a few of those limited-palette things as some warm-ups before work. they’re fun, so maybe i’ll keep doing them!

June 20th 1758

couple quick doodles done between work

June 3rd 545

i drew myself as a crystal gem last night before bed…. idek what gemstone i would be all i know is I AM PINK AND HAVE BRASS KNUCKLES

May 2nd 375

an old character of mine. she’s been recycled many-a-time, but no matter what she’s always a pissed off housewife

May 1st 464 via

i really wanted to animate a run cycle for some reason… so i did this in a few hours because im out of my mind… i haven’t animated since college, god bless

April 25th 419 via

autumn, always dressed for spring

April 25th 1336 via

doodles of that girl and that guy i like to draw a lot

April 25th 216

And some original stuff too. How about that!

February 12th 308

It’s That time again. That time Jones posts a bunch of doodles gathered over the course of a few months. Take them. Please.

February 12th 446

I LOVE PEARL!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥ everybody watch steven universe yeah yeah yeah!

November 5th 950

i’ve been HECKS OF WORLDS of busy these past few months, but i still find time to doodle now and again. usually i just end up drawing bridgitte and saul because ummM who doesnt love evil power couples :)

this one in particular was a lil b-day gift for my lovely friend ^o^

October 22nd 65

a few choice doodles from over the course of a couple months. as you can see i just like to draw clothes *q*

September 29th 483