I LOVE PEARL!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥ everybody watch steven universe yeah yeah yeah!

November 5th 955

a few choice doodles from over the course of a couple months. as you can see i just like to draw clothes *q*

September 29th 483

A little while back, Esa, Star and I played a game of Mansions of Madness with George as the Keeper/DM-guy. With the characters we picked, we subsequently dubbed them after Problem Sleuth, Hysterical Dame, and Nervous Broad…and then proceeded to actually roleplay them throughout the rest of the game.

LO’ AND BEHOLD, Problem Sleuth stumbled upon a CROWBAR, then proceeded to delude himself into believing he was Crowbar, and brutally murdered Hysterical Dame in order to win the game. I’m so sorry, HD.

Andrew heard about this from George, so we all drew him a picture to commemorate this weird roleplay-y arkham horror board game event. (I drew Sleuth :>)

April 30th 167

anyone who knows me, knows that i love the felt (CROWBAR), and that this latest homestuck update was like an early birthday present (THEY’RE FROGS!!!). :> :> so here’s some shameless fanart.

April 1st 122

also i think crowbar and snowman should smooch. (they’re in love.)

now let us never speak of this again.

September 8th 279

i’m not joking, they’re my favourite characters. i love them so much. i wish everyone loved the felt as much as i do.

and i have this theory that they’re frogs. (are you listenin andrew hussie)

September 8th 385

god forbid you ever get to know me, you’ll find out that my favourite homestuck characters are the ones who die within a few pages of being introduced.

( :-) Crowbar is my favourite)

September 8th 221

yo girl, im not sure what the hell you wearin, but you always look good. (‘you made me’ fanart!)

August 28th 218

i was trying to figure out how to draw EDI and i got carried away um

June 27th 117

I’ve been crying at the extended cuts like all day so here’s an EDI. I always liked how she seemed like she didn’t know how to hold herself in her new body, though I’m not really showing it here. I just wanted to doodle EDI.

June 27th 207

I’m a bit behind on the tumblrmon thing, but my gastly partner reminded me to do it.

Shiny Duskull is perfect for me. A bit plain, a bit ambiguous, skullfaced, and RED!

March 28th 1392

i beat the third installment of a certain franchise recently so of course my reaction is to dig up old fancharacters and doodle them again… my salarian spectre volodin :3

i want to create some proper fanart though soon; i feel i owe it to a series that has made such a big impact on me.

(p.s. i liked the ending.)

March 27th 179