i’ve been a busy busy bee this summer, in between doing lettering (and comics!) for Paradox Space, freelance work, and commissions, so i’m sorry i come in and out of focus so much! y’all are always on my mind tho… ♥

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i did a few of those limited-palette things as some warm-ups before work. they’re fun, so maybe i’ll keep doing them!

June 20th 1781

i really wanted to animate a run cycle for some reason… so i did this in a few hours because im out of my mind… i haven’t animated since college, god bless

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autumn, always dressed for spring

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Commission for Toby Fox! The RUGGEDLY HANDSOME Papyrus, from his upcoming game Undertale, in the style of Helvetica! (what is it with skeletons and typography…)

Check out my commission post here!

March 22nd 448

Hey guys! For the first time in a long, long time I am opening up commissions for an indefinite time! My financial situation is looking pretty dire, and I really need be bringing more money in to pay for my rent and student loans. These prices are way more than half my going freelance rate!


  • Paypal only, please!
  • 25 commission slots at this time.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission.
  • All illustrations will be completed digitally and will be delivered as 300 DPI PNGs.
  • Please contact me at j.n.wiedle@gmail.com. Tumblr asks will be ignored!

Please consider commissioning me, or reblogging to your friends and followers to spread the word!

Thanks so much! ♥

February 16th 919

Hey guys, I’m finally making these Helvetica charms available online for purchase!

  • Necklaces - $10
  • Earrings - $10
  • Phone Charms (also great for Nintendo DSes!) - $5

These are extremely limited so if you’re interested, act fast! I’ll also throw in a free doodle of your fav. Helvetica character with every purchase!

If you’re interested, send an e-mail to me at j.n.wiedle@gmail.com!

Please spread the word / signal boost! :)

February 3rd 162

a few choice doodles from over the course of a couple months. as you can see i just like to draw clothes *q*

September 29th 483

Hey everyone! If you’ve been following news on my tumblr or twitter, you likely know of the desperate situation I’ve been in lately. Long-story-short, my computer stopped working, and my livelihood took a pretty intense blow from it. I’ve since been able to acquire a new laptop, but I’m still waiting on all of my data from my old hard drive to be recovered so that I can get back up to 100%. Thanks to EVERYONE who has chipped in to help out, I’m so deeply grateful to all of you.

My dear friend Rachael has also offered to help out by creating this wonderful Helvetica paper doll for everyone to enjoy at a pay-what-you-want price. You can purchase/download the doll on gumroad below!


An important quality to have in the afterlife is a distinct sense of style. Unfortunately, Helvetica doesn’t really have one of those. But you can help him with this nifty paper doll!

  • This paper doll is completely free of charge, and you are welcome to pay any amount you please, or not at all. Any & all proceeds will support the creation of HELVETICA and the artist & writer, J.N. Wiedle. Thanks so much!
After purchase, you will receive a PDF of the paper doll. It’s recommended that you print onto some form of card stock, so that the doll can stand up properly. Or you can use something like a popsicle stick to give the doll some backbone (no i didnt just make a skeleton pun no not at all what are you looking at)
Drafted by the wonderful, skilled, and generous Rachael Cohen for your enjoyment.
July 27th 82


I bet Lucy’s been sitting on that line thing for a looong time. Finally, his cleverness can be appreciated. (Or not, but the looks of it.)

July 13th 153


Oh, we’re talking about that guy again. Ok I guess.

Thanks to everyone who waited patiently as I had food poisoning last week. Ya’ll is the best.

July 6th 138


Why you acting so coy, Autumn? Oh. That’s why.

June 22nd 204


Hey guys! Here’s a new Helvetica, and an announcement: the update schedule will be pushed to every Saturday rather than Friday, as that’s what suits my schedule best right now!

Anyway, here you go, hope you enjoy today’s update :)

June 15th 210


Another late one, but it’s here! I hope ya’ll enjoy.

June 8th 426


Wow! Sorry for the late update, guys! But it’s here now!!!

June 1st 228