okay i’M DONE finished all the cuties

maybe i’ll make lucy when i stop being lazy

Look at these really cute pixel skellies!!! :3

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so I read a post somewhere on tumblr that subconsciously stuck in my brain saying that Autumn from Helvetica was a boy and not a girl. SOURCES have since proved me wrong but its .. it’s one of those “once you see it you can’t unsee it” things, haha…

anyway here you go, have some erroneous fanart :B

oh my gosh, it actually makes me incredibly happy that people are unsure of the genders of my characters. it’s happened with Lucy, which is kind of understandable given his name, but when it happened to Autumn too, I was really pleasantly surprised? I’m just happy my characters come off as so androgynous.


reblogs this at a normal hour :-)

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I really like this new comic called Helvetica. 

So I drew Steak, one of the main characters there.

THIS IS WICKED!!! I love the way you draw him, man! I’m glad you like the comic!

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The other night Jones mentioned how much she liked fake screenshots so I made this fake screenshot for her hey Jones I hope you like this fake screenshot.

Fake screenshot of a scene in her AMAZING webcomic, Helvetica.


WOWOWOWOW MATT I LOVE YOU wow i really want a Helvetica anime, where is my Helvetica anime adaptation, Japan, GET ON IT

matt i love you oh my gosh

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Recently Helvetica turned one year old! As if I needed an excuse to draw this cutie <3

HELP I’VE DIED AND GONE TO KAWAII HEAVEN <3 <3 JESSI thank you cmere lemme give you a smooch on the cheek!

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Really bad fanart/giftart time.

Sorry Jones, I can’t do justice to your characters ;_; You have beautiful art!

THIS IS SO ADORABLE, just looking at it makes me feel like i just inhaled an entire box of konpeito!!! thank you so much, nash!! oh my goshhh, i think this is so great :’)))

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pixel doodle!

sometimes I get sad but then I remember these two totally have little domestic arguments all the time and life is suddenly adorable.

(if you haven’t been reading helvetica, what, why)

WHAWHohwaohwWHAAA!! !!! this is so cute oh my gosh!!!

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well that was difficult to draw

I’m out, I’m done. Goodnight

MY REBLOG TEXT ISN’T SHOWING UP!!! basically me: screaming a lot at all times forever THANK YOU SO MUCH TYPETTE THIS IS SUCH AN AWESOME SURPRISE ;_;


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I did some fanart for a good friend’s comic. Check it out.

OH MY GOSHHHHHH look at this really cute thing. I love the shapes and the symmetry and just wuwubwubu, my babies. Look at that tiny little Helvetica.

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quick doodle of Helvetica from Jones’s wonderful comic!  also sort of a very late birthday present but I still want to draw you something much better than this, Jones…sob

flash what if i marry you

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Saw commentary on helvetica pairings, so decided to jump the gun and get on this action….again….with the same pairing as before. Um…..merry christmas? Have two skeletons in the snow…kissing?Have I mentioned how much I like the Helvetica comic? cause I do….haha. *goes to sit alone in a corner*

(also more experimental lasso tool coloring, don’t know if I like it or not yet. Link to cleaner version when clicked. )

((ALSO also why is the mistletoe floating? I can just imagine like heavens and steak piggy backing to with it on a stick to hold it over them))

i really really love this.

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A little painting I did for the Helvetica hiatus. It was on the website today, so I thought I would post it here as well!

Some of the hiatus art is starting to go up this week! I’ve received a couple great pieces already I can’t wait to show them off— here’s one of them! (Still stunned that Samantha would do a gouache painting for me! Thank you!)

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just reblogging this really cute fanart here, don’t mind me.

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For Jones!

For filling my need of cute skeletons and introducing me to Kamen rider.

I don’t normally post art, much less fan art, but I felt that Helvetica and most certainly Jones deserved some more. Well too bad all I could give was this crappy sketch, oh well!

omggg I LOVE WHEN i check the helvetica tag and there are BEAUTIFUL SURPRISES WAITING FOR ME…

oh gosh oh gee wow this is such a lovely sketch, THANK YOU ;o; the way you drew them is so precious!! oh god i can’t. <3

also i’m happy to have introduced you to momotaros! he is my not-so-secret crush.

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