okay, last one for the night. haha i should get to bed. jane & robert’s parents, denny and annie thompson. oops, maybe these guys look real familiar to some folk. eheh heh heh

August 10th 38

more of these guys! for those of you who haven’t seen them before, the main character of the story would be jane thompson, who is about 16 years old. she lives with her mom and dad and younger brother robert in the middle of nowhere, wisconsin. she’s into records of folk singers and books by beat generation poets (her dad’s influence). she does ballet, but doesn’t care for it much. her younger brother, robert, is 13, and is a victim of bullying at his school. to top it off, their parents aren’t getting along and threatening divorce with each other, which is stressing him out a lot. jane tries to be there for him, but it’s hard being a kid. it’s hard and nobody understands. this is just the setting for the story.

so… yeah, some doodles! thoughts?

August 10th 60

if you’ve been followin me for a while you’ve seen these characters before! i’ve been thinking about either just writing a horror comic about them eventually (which could take a long time) or starting up a Ruby Quest/MSPA/adventure game-style comic where people could dictate what happens (which might be less pretty). Would you guys rather just read a linear story, or be involved with an interactive one?

August 9th 66

3/3 illustrations for class. listen, jane, maybe you shouldn’t be going around killing whatever you like. they might end up being your little brother!!!

December 14th 64

2/3 illustrations for class. he looks like a nice boy, jane, why don’t you take him home to mum?

December 14th 8

1/4 illustrations for class. jane, watch out!!!

December 7th 8

concepts of a character for class. ignore her bio, i type dumb things when my brain doesn’t work.

November 2nd 12

some concept work of a character for class. ignore his bio, my brain is melted and i can’t think no mores.

November 2nd 10